DUJES CURRENT ISSUE | Volume 27, 2018-19 Issue | ISSN [Online] 2581-7833


Dr. Meena Sharma                                      Dr. Basil N. Darlong Diengdoh
                    Assistant Professor                                             Assistant Professor
                     Department of English,                                     Department of English,
                     Dibrugarh University                                         Dibrugarh University


Interrogating the Idea of India: A Study of Cinematic Representations of Kashmir Conflict from Bollywood and Beyond
Somjyoti Mridha, North-Eastern Hill University

Abha Dawesar’s Babyji: Towards an Understanding of the Contours of Lesbian Subordination in India
Kashish Dua, Jesus and Mary College, Delhi University

Situating Rousseau’s Eco-Philosophy in Select Contemporary North East Indian English Writing
Nandini Choudhury, Jagannath Barooah College

(De)Coding Bodyscape: A Study of Select Visual Prints in the Nationalist Discourse
Gaurav Kalra, Panjab University

‘When the Revolution Comes’: Ideological Indoctrination vs. Individual Identity in Caryl Churchill’s Lights Shining in Buckinghamshire and Mad Forest
Mamata Sengupta, Islampur College

Interrogating the Contentious Representation of Urban Spatiality in Romesh Gunesekera’s Noon Tide Toll
Abhisek Ghosal, University of Burdwan

Role of 'Hegemonic Masculinity' in the Marital Relationships of Henrik Ibsen's The Lady from the Sea and A Doll's House
Sheelalipi Sahana, University of Edinburgh

Transition of an Ancient Myth into a Nationalist Motif: Tracing and ‘Problematizing’ the Evolution of King Gesar Epic
Priyanka Chakraborty, Banaras Hindu University

Kamakhya Temple as a Cultural Text: An Analysis of Kamrupia Shakti-Culture, its Origination, Authenticity and Reproduction with Reference to Indira Goswami’s The Man from Chinnamasta
Gutimali Goswami, University of Lucknow

Peter Carey’s True History of the Kelly Gang and the Kelly Legend in Australia: A Historiographic Metafictional Reading
Anjan Saikia, Kamargaon College

‘I feel, therefore I am; I think, therefore I can be free’: The Unique Confluence of Utopia and Feminism in Sultana’s Dream by Rokeya Sakhawat Hossain
Anindita Mukherjee, Jawaharlal Nehru University

Process of Identification and Postcolonial Trauma in Jayanta Mahapatra's Hesitant Light
Padma Kalyani Mohapatra, Central University of Punjab

C. S. Lewis’ Out of the Silent Planet: An Early Exercise in Postcolonial Criticism?
Himashree Swargiary, Gauhati University