DUJES (Dibrugarh University Journal of English Studies, ISSN 0975-5659, ISSN [Online] 2581-7833) invites on an annual basis original, unpublished, scholarly and relevant research articles in areas such as literature(s) in English as well as English translations, literary criticism and theory, issues related to research and research methodology, linguistics, ELT, and related fields of study. The journal also publishes reviews of texts, reference books, and scholarly contributions related to the discipline. The journal invites well-researched papers, articles and book reviews on an annual basis, the announcement of which may be accessed at, and

It is highly recommended that the stipulated submission guidelines are followed before sending in the articles/papers/reviews, and the Author(s)/Contributor(s) are requested to bear in mind the following:

- The submission implies that the work submitted is not under consideration for publication elsewhere and cannot be withdrawn until the publication of the specified journal issue.
It is assumed that the author(s) has consented to the publication process, subject to evaluation and approval by a blind peer review mechanism.
- The work must not have been published previously either in electronic or hardcopy formats.